Just Around the Corner…


Today has been fun. My body is starting to adjust to German time, so my mind was awake enough to actually take some photos!

We went to a holiday bazaar on base today, and were able to look at some cool stuff. Turkish rugs, hand painted ornaments, Belgian chocolate. There was some really beautiful craftsmanship. But I think my favorite part had to be the food outside. I got a big, fat, juicy turkey leg, which I devoured, it was so delicious. And deep fried Oreos; maybe not a German delicacy, but man oh man were they good.

The fall colors here are gorgeous. Trees in red, grass a bright happy green, and a whole variety of plants.

And lucky me, right outside the neighborhood is a historical landmark. A stone wall built by the Romans over 1600 years ago. Just a small piece of it still stands, but it used to wrap around this whole area.

It’s crazy to think that most of the stuff I see around here is older than my home country. It really puts a different perspective on the world.

Anyways, here are some of those photos I mentioned. Enjoy!





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mom says:

    That Roman wall looks so cool. I love the fall colors and the Turkey Leg. I don’t know about the fried Oreo’s? Luv ya


  2. Mindy says:

    Looks like fun! I hope you guys have so much fun! What an experience! Love you all.


  3. Sally Lindquist says:

    I am so glad you are having this opportunity to be with Katie. Keep the pictures coming. Love you so much.


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