A Day in Paris: Part 3


Hey guys, so where was I…

We made our way out of the Louvre, and started our long walk by the River Seine.

Now, I had been under the impression that there was only one love-lock bridge in Paris. That is not the case. Every chain fence over the river is covered in locks, so many in fact that in some places they have to board sections off to keep the fence up.



One of my goals while in Paris was to visit the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore. It was on the way to Notre Dame from where we were, so we set off to find it using snapshots of a map off my phone.

Cutting through the streets full of shops and vendors, and stopping to eat some gyros, we finally found it. And if I’m being honest, it was the one let down of the trip.





Everything I’d ever read about it made it sound like a writer’s paradise. Ernest Hemingway had stayed there for goodness sakes! But in reality it was smaller than it seems in pictures, and it was absolutely packed with tourists. The book selection was nothing special, and overall left much to be desired. Still, I don’t regret visiting the historical spot.



From there it was a short walk around the corner to Notre Dame.

We didn’t go inside; the line was ridiculously long, and my interest was in studying the facade. The statues fascinate me, and I have some projects in mind concerning them. (Let’s just say Weeping Angels, shhhh.)

The building is truly a masterpiece and would look entirely out of place anywhere else in the world. I took about a zillion pictures, so I’ll only include a few on here.

With only a few hours left, we started snaking our way back to the square. At this time of day the green boxes were open.



The sidewalk at this end of the Seine was lined with wooden green crates vendors would come open, and they were filled with old books and artwork. I had to control myself so I wouldn’t spend all my money. But I did allow myself to buy one book. A 1961 signed collection of poems and prose by Jean Follian. It is entirely in French, but that’s just motivation for me to learn the beautiful language.

This completely made up for the disappointment of the Shakespeare and Co..

My favorite part of the day was simply walking down the streets of the city. The smells, sights, sounds, everything was so wonderful. The water glittered as the accordion played, and the aroma of pastries wafted through the air. I’ll say it again, I want to live in Paris.

imageI’ll finish up my tale in the next article, hope you’re enjoying the read.




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  1. Mom says:

    I can’t wait to hear what you think about London!


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