London: Baker Street




Have I mentioned that I’m a big BBC fan? Of Moffat’s work in particular. Well, being in London I couldn’t very well pass up an opportunity to check out the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Located at 221B Baker Street, it occupies the exact spot that Doyle wrote of in his original detective stories. It is also right next to Hudson’s Bakery, which I found amusing.


It was way cool. Quite a bit different from BBC’s Sherlock, with narrow stairways and about 5 levels, but it was true to the time period of the original texts.

The rooms were filled with props and life-size wax figures of different characters. They got more and more life-like the longer I stared at them. Super creepy. I loved it.

I read once that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hoped he’d be remembered for more than his silly little detective stories, but despite his wishes, they are exactly what he is remembered for.

The museum was another display to me of how people can get so attached to a story that they feel the need to bring it to life and force it into reality. As a writer it makes me wonder. I’ve got so many ideas bouncing around my head, what is the one that people will remember me for?

imageFrom there we went to the other great place on Baker Street.


It was nice to get some decent Mexican food. People on this side of the Atlantic really don’t understand American cuisine.

It was a nice place too, very sociable staff. The girls behind the counter all wanted to know where I got my lipstick.



Check back tomorrow for more stories!


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  1. Mom says:

    This is one of my favorite so far. I love the pictures! Did everything seem like it was built for small people like the castle in Germany was? Where did those hats come from that you were wearing in the picture taken by the fireplace?


    1. kim says:

      It was pretty small, Jim would of hit his head. The hats were props there for pictures. 🙂


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