London: Winter Wonderland


Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park.

I was expecting pretty decorations and a modest Christmas Market like others I’ve seen. Man oh man, did I underestimate them.

It was enormous! It just kept going and going and going. Line upon line of booths selling food and Christmas trinkets among other things.

Then in the middle of everything was a random theme park, with rides and games and roller coasters. I’m pretty sure it was the most extravagant market I will ever see.

A few of the booths were selling Belgian hot chocolate, and of course I couldn’t help myself. The lady literally took a scoop out of the chocolate fountain, mixed it with some milk, added whipped cream and marshmallows, and drizzled more of the chocolate on top. Delicious. I will never be able to fully enjoy the powder mix again.


After that, Katie took me over to the rich part of town to show me Harrod’s department store. It was the first mall to ever install an escalator. Huge, high class, and made me feel poor before I even walked in the giant gold trimmed doors. It was fun to look around, and check out the 4,000 karat TV. No joke, the picture on that thing was clearer than reality. Obviously, I did not buy anything.

Here are some pictures for you:


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