London: The East End



Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre was astounding. It was my first time seeing the production, and the story line was a bit different than I had expected, but very enjoyable all the same.

A beautiful set. Lovely costumes. Dancing, singing, and acting were all first class. Our seats were center stage, seven rows back. Seriously, how much better can it get?



I found it illuminative starting the day at the Globe, and ending it on the East End. A wonderful illustration to me of how theatre and the arts have flourished over the course of time.



One other thing we were able to catch was an attraction over by the Eye, called London’s Dungeon. It’s like a haunted house, except educational, because everything they talk about really happened.

The Black Plague, Sweeny Todd, Jack the Ripper; all real horrors in British history.

Katie and Cole had done it before, but Katie was still scared out of her mind, making it all the more enjoyable for me.

The whole production was very well done. It included some good frights, and taught you stuff at the same time.

imageI know I didn’t include tons of details about these attractions, but they really are something you have to experience for yourself. Check back tomorrow for a bit of James Bond!



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