Germany: Cologne (Köln)


We ascended the stairs from the parking lot and came to a surface where the wind whipped through our hair and the rain threatened to fall. But there, standing erect in the middle of the high fashion shopping center, was an 800 year old cathedral.

The Cologne cathedral is absolutely stunning, inside and out. The facade is so intricate, and the towers practically tickle the sky. Upon entering, there is beautiful architecture, columns, vaulted ceilings, stained-glass windows. The mixture of natural and artificial lights coupled with the shadows creates an awe inspiring effect to the natural eye, but is near impossible to capture with a camera.

I hope you can enjoy these photos nonetheless:

I imagine that if I were to ever attend a service there, I would miss everything being said, because I would be so enthralled studying the artwork.

It is funny the way this building sits in the middle of such a typical city. With the train station, food, museums, littered streets, and tunnels covered in graffiti. It showed the way art evolves, but continues to revolve around itself.


From there we took a lovely stroll by the Rhine to get the Schokoladen Museum. It included an inside look at a Lindt factory, which was pretty awesome.


Now let me be clear. I. Love. Chocolate. But I had never really stopped to consider its significance.

It all really starts with the science of botany; the plants, the cocoa bean. Then the chemistry comes into it, then engineering gets thrown in there. I hadn’t realized just how much science really plays a part.

Then of course there is the rich history, and the diverse cultures in which chocolate has a background. Everything from the Aztecs, to European explorers and nobility, to modern day convenience. Chocolate has always been considered to have medicinal properties. It used to be reserved only for special use. Archeologists have been able to learn of its importance by studying hieroglyphs on ancient pottery. There were giant vases used solely for storing the liquid goodness.

Art has continued to infiltrate its way into the treat, with moldings, decorations, pop culture. I was just so impressed by how important chocolate has been in so many realms of society. And of course the hot chocolate on the way out was to die for.

I had a wonderful time in Köln. And now to celebrate your newfound education, go get yourself some schokoladen!




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