5 Things To Do Post-Adventure


Adventure has come to be one of my favorite things. Life would seem empty without it. Whether you’re recuperating from a 90-day stay in Europe, or a weekend up north, there are a few things you can do to really gain the most out of the experience.



Even if it was the most amazing three days of your life, you will forget parts of it if you don’t record the experience somewhere. You never know what is around the corner. Writing things down guarantees being able to relive all of your adventures to the fullest effect later.

2) Don’t Lose What You Gained

Did you learn something on your trip? Did you pick up a new hobby? Don’t let that go just because you’ve returned home. Keep working on that language! Buy yourself an easel and keep painting! If you loved doing it on your trip, then bring that love into the rest of your life.

3) Give Yourself Time

This applies to long trips especially. Your mind, body, and spirit all need time to adjust after a huge sensory overload. Don’t throw yourself straight back into work. Make sure you rest.

I know when I got home after three months in Germany, it was a rough transition. The jet lag alone takes a few weeks to get over. Then getting used to the food, the air, the weather. And getting back into a routine.

As mentioned in #2, you don’t need to conform back to the life you had before. It’s good to create a new routine that will make you happy.

But we all have responsibilities. So take those on again gradually. Don’t rush or you will crash and burn.

4) Reflect

What was your favorite part of your adventure? Would you go back? Why? What made you happy?

All of our experiences shape us. Figure out what this adventure helped you to accomplish. Everything we do should help us to grow. Reflect, and move forward even better than before.

5) Keep Adventuring!

Just because you’re home doesn’t mean the fun has to end! See if you can’t find a turkish restaurant, go to a new bakery, find a new place to walk when the sun is coming up. There is plenty of beauty and opportunity right where you are.

And of course, always keep your wanderlust for the future. There is a whole world out there to see.

Now, on to the next adventure!




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