John Tames: Part 4


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Creases everywhere. I try to imagine the face without lines, but find the task impossible. At least he’s still got hair. Gray now, but a full head of it. I hope that’s hereditary.

Grandpa Tom starts digging in his pocket. “Come over here, John,” He waves me to his knee.

I stand up straight and look into his eyes. Steely but loving, blue like mine.

From his worn jeans he pulls a single copper penny.

“Do you know what this is?” his thumb and finger pinch the coin an inch in front of my nose.

I nod. “It’s a penny.”

“And what does one do with a penny?”

“Well I don’t know. I mean, one penny isn’t worth very much. You can’t buy anything for just one penny.”

Grandpa Toms lip hardens into a thin line. “Sit down John.”

I sit cross legged in front of his brown leather shoes.

“How would you like to have one million dollars?” he asks me.

I grin at the idea.

“Well,” he tells me, leaning in closer “you get there one penny at a time.” He flicks the piece of metal into the air, then stands, arching his back and yawning before shuffling into the kitchen. It falls into my lap.

I stare at it, memorizing the shape of Lincoln’s nose, and the little spot of green smudgy stuff. I pick it off the wood and turn it gingerly over and over.

I will never spend this penny.


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  1. sally Lindquist says:

    Good stuff, Kim.



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