Pretty Things

 I decided I’d post another song!
Have a listen and let me know what you think.
She stared back at herself out of the glass. Her lips were smeared with passion, an attempt to feel. But her eyes were still left searching. A piece of her was missing now, leaving a hole in her heart and a mist over her ocean eyes.
She hardly recognized herself. This reflection belonged to a grown woman. Where did the days go? The days when she used to smile. She asked the question, though she knew the answer. They were drowned in a thousand shadowed nights. She woke each morning with water in her ears, that morphed the rest of the world.
It was a blurred existence, but she almost preferred it to the sharp edges of reality. If this was all there was, then she didn’t want reality. It was too numbing.
In this room she could pretend. She could be whoever she wanted to be, construct fairytales to help her sleep at night. Paint herself a vibrant escape. Let fingers run along guitar strings, instead of something else.
Sipping the sweet raspberry, she fumbled through pages of pretty words she didn’t always understand, enjoying the cadence and filling in the blanks with her imagination. She could sit for hours, face buried in the paper, simply breathing in the phrase’s perfume.
But she always ended up back in front of the mirror, wishing for some missing part to appear.
Her eyes fell to the red stain on her cup.

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  1. Katie says:

    That was really cool! Very unique sound, and very fun video.


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