Monday Morsel: Friends

“People inspire you, or they drain you- pick them wisely.”  Hans F. Hansen

I dedicate this post to my friends. All 3 of them.

Ok, I’m joking, I have more than 3 friends. But “friend” is an interesting term, is it not? I think everybody has their own idea of what it means to be a friend.

I consider most of the people I know to be friends. But then I have a handful of good friends, and a smaller unit of best friends. (Labels. Aren’t they petty?) Over the years, as things change, and life goes on, different faces will appear or move on. But there are always one or two people I know I can count on for anything. And that means the world.

Being constantly surrounded by throngs of smiling individuals sounds like madness, at least to me. No, I would rather have a few people who know me almost perfectly, and who will be real with me. Ones who will inspire me.

So without too much philosophy today, here is to my friends.

The ones who laugh with me, at sarcasm and British television references.

The ones who take me to independently owned bookstores, and wander around for hours.

The ones willing to eat foreign foods, since we can’t afford plane tickets to foreign lands.

The ones who text me at three in the morning, because “yes, I know I have an exam in a few hours, but my goodness, episode five!”

The ones supportive of my get-rich-quick schemes, and other life goals.

Ones who understand that shopping at thrift stores does not mean you have to be a hipster.

The ones who won’t feel neglected when I don’t talk to them for a week.

Who show up at my door with mint-chocolate chip ice cream in hand.

Who I can road trip with and not fight over the radio (well, ok, maybe there is a little disagreement sometimes, but we compromise).



Friends can be like a record collection. There are plenty of albums you like just fine, but there are a few you’ll always come back to, because they inspire you to something more.

This one’s for you.

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