Monday Morsel: Innocence

“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?” -Unknown

What happened?

What happened to make us this way?

So hard, untrusting, fearful of the future. Our first thoughts of others are not always kind. Neither are our thoughts of ourselves. We see no beauty in the world around us. We take no real pleasure from the food on our tongue. We judge so harshly. Our decisions, our mental conversations, are controlled by voices in our ears, rather than from within. We have let life grow bleak.

You were three years old once. What did you expect from life then? If you had to report back to your three-year-old self, what would they want to hear about your life now? What have you created for yourself now you’ve grown? Is it what you used to dream of?

A silly notion, you say. Indeed, much time has passed and many lessons have been learned. You are not the same as you were. You are not a child. You know things now. Yes. But what good is knowledge, if it is not used to add something wonderful to the world?

A puppy, when treated with love, knows no malice. It explores and experiences the universe around it with contentment and curiosity. It loves whomever it meets. Period. When it falls, it rolls over and keeps scuttling along, because it does not know it is bad to fall. Not out of ignorance, but innocence. And because of the perfect innocence, the puppy is perfectly happy.

You know the things you do only for the sake of society. Only because of things you’ve been told. You’re filling in the blanks in your head already. I would invite you to go to the place in your mind where you are still three years old. Maybe make some of your decisions there.

Cling to the innocence you have left. It is that by which you should live your life.

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