Monday Morsel: Become Light

“I stopped looking for the light, and decided to become it instead.” -Unknown

Sometimes, we feel like something is just off. Wrong. Out of balance.

And so we go looking. For something, someone to restore what is missing.

And maybe we find it. And things get better, or so it seems. We rely on that thing, that person, we think we are making progress. We think we are regaining balance. But we’re not.

There is so much light in this world. So many good things, and good people. And we’re supposed to seek after those things, right? Surround ourselves with them.


But no. That’s not what will save you.

To feel whole, you must become a light for yourself. You have to turn inside, find the things that are good, and burn away the shadows. Then you have to pray that God will let the flames illuminate the empty spaces left behind. Fill them with light, so you can shine for yourself.

But what is good? What attributes will withstand the fire?


We’ve been given the answers.

When we let Christ’s Atonement change us, we will reflect Him, the ultimate light. And our own souls can resemble His.

Be your own light.


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