National Suicide Prevention Week




A letter to you,
I’d like to meet you someday.
I’d like to sit across the table at a dirty, hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant, and listen to you tell me about your life so far.
I want you to tell me about the song you put in your headphones when you’re angry. And the one putting tears in your eyes.
I want to know if you’re a creamy or a crunchy peanut butter kind of person.
What is the best thing you did last year? Would you do it again?
Tell me about the boy, or the girl, or the fictional character.
Tell me about the things that confuse you.
Tell me about your favorite academic subject, then tell me something that matters.
How many years have you lived? Where do you see yourself when the number doubles?
I want to compare your burrito to my fish tacos, so I know which to order next time we come here.
I want to know you.
Simply because you are worth knowing.
You are worth my time.
And you are worth your time.
This is my letter to you.
And I hope it to be the first of many.

It is National Suicide Prevention Week.

The point of this week is to support all those who suffer from suicidal thoughts. To let them know they are loved. To let them know they are important. And to let them know it is okay to talk about our struggles. Hope is real and help is real.

I am going to be posting a video every day this week to support this movement.

You can learn more about “We’ll See You Tomorrow” at

Join me in shedding light on this subject, and in spreading love this week.

PEDS stands for Poem Every Day in September, a new series I’ve been publishing on my YouTube. I will share more about it in a later post.

Thanks guys.

See you tomorrow…


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