What is PEDS?

A brief explanation on what I’ve been working on this month.

PEDS: Poem Every Day in September


I have been uploading a poem onto my YouTube channel almost every day this month.


Well let us explore why this blog exists, shall we? It started because people wanted to hear about my adventures whilst I was living in Europe. But there is more to it. This blog is my school. I’m not attending university. Maybe in twenty years, if I scrap it all and decide I want to fulfill my childhood fantasy of becoming a world renowned archeologist (aka: female Indiana Jones), or a deep space astronomer, then sure, yeah, I might go take some courses. But at the moment I’m a writer. And I will never see the point of going into debt to have other people tell me to read a lot, and write a lot. What to read, what to write, and what to think about the things I read and write. (I’m not even going to go into the state of today’s education system.) I am perfectly capable of doing all of that myself; sounds pretentious, but it’s true.

This blog allows me to explore different genres and styles. Everything from horror to how-to. I’ve experimented with the ins and outs of running a website.

  • Web Aesthetics
  • Content Creation
  • Photography
  • Editing and Publishing
  • SEO and Social Marketing
  • plus a host of other skills

Some writers have a niche style (i.e. novelist, poet, journalist). But I will never fit into just one box. I want to write novels, but I also want to write screenplays. Poetry is something I can’t help but write, and sometimes I enjoy creating articles or doing travel pieces. And then of course there is stuff like this, where I let my thoughts fall as they may.

This blog is me telling myself, yeah, I’m going to make the stuff I want to make, and I’m going to let other people see it.

The world today revolves around two industries: technology and entertainment. The two have worked together throughout history, each pushing the other to progress. Even just watching the latest Apple Keynote, there are so many incredible new options and platforms for artists not only to create, but to share their work. I am certainly not the only one inspired by what is being brought to the table.

But why PEDS?

I have always loved filmmaking. But it can be hard to find a reason to spend time making videos. Especially when I’m telling myself I have other projects I need to work on. And thus I decided to dedicate this month to expanding my brand and building up my YouTube channel. Not for the sake of gaining viewers, but for myself.

Forcing myself to be creative every day. To practice my poetry. To develop simplistic and sustainable filming practices. To become more familiar with editing software. To get over myself a little bit and film my own face and my own voice.

I don’t post every day. I didn’t prepare in advance to be able to keep up with the passing days. But that’s ok. I’m happy with what I do post, and I believe in quality over quantity. Also, poetry is a vulnerable art, and sometimes even when I do write something, I am not always ready to part with it immediately.

This month I’m pushing myself. And I’m gaining space from some of my other works, so I can breathe a bit and come back to them with new eyes.

As much as this site may seem like a hobby, it’s really a personal education. A portfolio in progress. Preparation for future opportunities. I plan to keep learning, keep experimenting, keep creating, and keep sharing, at least until I start the next chapter in my life. Color of Kim exists for me. I’m glad if any of you visitors find things you can relate to or enjoy. But at the end of the day it’s really a selfish endeavor. And this post is really just me explaining to myself why I’m doing what I’m doing. So if anyone happened to be wondering, that’s what I’m doing this month.



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